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Summer 2021 ADAY launched the Carry-on Collection – clothes made of linen that doesn't wrinkle, so you can pack them in your carry-on. For the launch I crafted a lookbook and a digital campaign with a focus on travel and visiting friends and family again as the pandemic was coming to an end.

Wish you were here

ADAY Carry-on Collection: Text
ADAY Carry-on Collection: Image

For ADAY, it was important that this collection felt friendly and warm. As this campaign launched right when the world was starting to open up again after the long year of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I choose to have the main elements of the design be almost like a postcard, sent to the customer from a loved one. This also inspired the copywriting, as we added little notes such as "see you soon" or "wish you were here."

ADAY Carry-on Collection: Text
ADAY Carry-on Collection: Pro Gallery

As the digital campaign would live mostly on social media and emails, I created a series of stories for Instagram and Facebook. These were both travel and story focused, though the idea of travel and reuniting with the world was consistent through all designs.

ADAY Carry-on Collection: Image
ADAY Carry-on Collection: Image
ADAY Carry-on Collection: Image


Freelance project for ADAY


Art director & designer

ADAY Carry-on Collection: List
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