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Summer 2021 ADAY launched a collection made out of a fabric called Cool Weave, which is proven to keep you 80% cooler than other performance fabrics. For the launch I art directed a lookbook and a digital campaign.

Best Served Chilled

ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Text
ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Image

Because the Cool Weave collection was different from previous ones ADAY also wanted to update their visual language and have a concept that felt new and fresh for them. We landed on the idea of soft serve, which is similar to the fabric as it is soft, cool and is a big part of your life during Summer.

ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Text
ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Image

As ADAY has a big community it was also of great importance to have a concept that was bigger than just design. I crafted the visual language based on the swirly form of a soft serve - it resembles the soft feel of the fabric, but also shows letters coming together to form a community in the form of sentences, similar to how people come together and finally meet after over a year in quarantine.

ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Text
ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Pro Gallery

As the digital campaign would live mostly on social media and emails, I created a series of stories for Instagram and Facebook that could fit into two categories where the first was simply product focused and the second was more about the mood and the message ADAY wanted to convey - that it’s hot during Summer in the US, but with the Soft Serve Capsule you’ll stay cool.

ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Image
ADAY Soft Serve Capsule: Image


Freelance project for ADAY


Art director & designer

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