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From making clothes for the US military in the 1950s to their famous bomber jacket becoming a staple for a large number of sub-cultures, Alpha Industries has long been a vital part of the fashion industry. When launching their new collection, we wanted to reinvent their visual language for digital channels to really make this feel like it was a collection that stood out from their previous ones. The result was a set of videos, emails, and landing pages promoting the launch.

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The PT collection meant a new era for Alpha Industries in the sense that this was their first collection of workout clothes and therefore it was important that the graphic design felt as new. Using topography as a texture as well as introducing a brighter color scheme and flickering type to show the connection between the highly technical part of performance wear as well as referring back to nature.

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The Charles NYC


Samantha Edwards
Kim Winderman
Ben Gourdol


Designer & motion designer

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