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Working with the team at The Charles NYC when Aveda launched their new product series called Nutriplenish we decided to reinvent the way ingredients and hair care information is usually describes to make it more accessible on digital channels.

Breathing life into hair care informational graphics

Aveda Nutriplenish: Text
Aveda Nutriplenish: Pro Gallery

The Aveda Nutriplenish series came in light and dark, one for straighter hair and one for hair with more texture. Using a curl chart as inspiration I designed and animated a short informative video to explain the difference between the two versions of the products. 
To further inform the viewer about the natural and cruelty free ingredients in the Aveda Nutriplenish hair care series we set out to create our own infographics. Using the lines inspired by a strand of hair to guide the viewer through the icons as we told the story.

Aveda Nutriplenish: Image


The Charles NYC


Samantha Edwards
Chelsea Flaherty


Designer & motion designer

Aveda Nutriplenish: List
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