The Hamptons


New York in the Summer is almost unbearable, the air gets so hot and sticky it’s impossible to breathe. On Memorial Day we went to the Hamptons - to the beach. The water was so cold it hurt, and by the end of the day we all looked like cooked lobsters but it was a needed escape from the city.




A morning where the sky was all blue and the sun was out for once which rarely happens in Sweden during Winter. It was still freezing though – so cold my face hurt just from walking down the block to the bakery.




It was Spring for like a minute and I went to New Museum with Viktorea. The exhibitions were great, but as always my favorite thing is the view from the roof. After that we walked around in LES for a bit, before having dinner at her place in East Village.


The Met


Viktorea and I went to the Met one weekend to see the abstract exhibition and even though we loved the Pollock we were maybe even more impressed with the Lucio Fontana installation. He made this neon light installation in the 1950s, isn’t that impressive? We decided we’d go see the rest of the exhibition at the Met Breuer soon.


This is one of my favorite rooms at the Met – the light is always amazing.


A Frozen Waterfall


First time we went to this waterfall was in October, and back then it was still very much a waterfall. I remember we walked so close our clothes got all soaked and you literally had to scream because it was so loud it was hard to hear what the other person said. Then in January, when we came back it was very quiet. Frozen.


A Weekend in January


I finished work around 8pm on a Friday and then we drove 4h up to Dalarna for a weekend to ski. I say we but I don’t drive so basically I slept for 4h in a comfy, warm car.


It was so cold I could barely take my camera out when we were skiing, but the view was so amazing I just had to.