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Beauty for everyone, by everyone.

Branding and art direction for Ellure, a beauty brand that challenges the beauty standard and provides a new, innovative approach for beauty products to be produced and used. Ellure creates made-to-order products and invites the customer to be a creator and a part of the brand. Beauty should be for everyone, and not force you into a mold of what the world expects you to look like. By asking customers to look at what they believe beauty to be, Ellure invites them to create their own products to enhance their personal identity.

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When creating the visual identity for Ellure, it began with the idea that Ellure is ending that chapter of a non-inclusive, wasteful beauty industry and starting with a blank canvas, where the customer is the creator who don’t need to follow rules or look the way others expect them to. By starting fresh, Ellure is the mirror reflecting the beauty that is already there, no matter the customer is, and helps them create what they need to feel confident and true to themselves.
To highlight that the customer can create any shade they want, I drew inspiration from the prism and created a variety of gradients. This also inspired the design of top of the lipstick bottle which we 3DD printed. For the art direction we wanted to go bold and show the fun in beauty, as well as the fact that the customer is beauty. This resulted in the use of mirror reflections and surfaces.
The first image to the left shows the iteration of the monogram I created. The idea here came from combining the style of a signature, as creating your own lipstick is a very personal experience, with the shape of lips, going from thinner to thicker.

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Freelance project for Ellure


Art director, designer, website design & copywriting

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