The Kovac Family is a company co-owned by me, my parents Camilla and Christopher and my sister, Filippa. We aim to create a brighter future by choosing to make sustainability the core of everything we design. We all use our area of expertise to achieve this goal, I, for example, work on branding, art direction, graphic design and creative content.
Logo animation,   Kovac Family

Logo animation, Kovac Family


Our first project was the 25 Lamp, a more sustainable lamp that folds and unfolds into a seashell-like shape. It’s named after it's 25 pieces of FSC certified oak, making it easy to ship as it can fit into a flat package, 3 cm to be exact, and can be shipped as an envelope.



For the design of the packaging we strived to keep it minimal by using as little elements as possible to convey our message while at the same time saving ink and paper. The packaging itself is made out of 100% recycled materials, and the label is printed on eco friendly paper and ink. As a fun, friendly touch we added a hand drawn element to the label – a space left black where we draw the number of pieces of the lamp in the box.


inside the box

It was of great importance to us that the whole experience – from receiving buying you lamp on our website to unpacking it in your apartment felt special and something out of the ordinary. Therefore we placed a thank you card in side every box, which was handprinted on an old fashioned Heidelberg Windmill letterpress, and on every card we write handwritten notes to our customers. We also made a tote bag, using FSC certified and fair trade materials and methods.


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