Aday x Multiplicity


Before the launch of the Multiplicity collection it was time for a lifestyle shoot. I was asked to come up with a concept for the shoot. At the time, ADAY wanted to work more on showing the person who wore their clothing, and giving the brand a more friendly and warm feeling. I decided to work with the idea of personalities by using two models and having them interact with each other and the clothes, to bring out the personalities of both the models and the fabrics of the clothes, which are all quite special.




We also wanted to work with models who embodies the values of ADAY. found two models, Britt Bergmeister and Austria Aulloa, who are both envolved in charity organisations and work towards a more sustainable future. 

shot2_ 280.jpg
shot9_ 28.jpg

All photos were shot by Tory Rust, art direction by Hawa Arsala, Alexis Cuddyre and myself.


At the same time as the lifestyle shoot, I was asked to concept and art direct another photoshoot, with the purpose of showing the fabric and style of the clothes but also highlight the main idea we had when we made them.

Multiplicity Flats

LAYDOWN_12951 (1).jpg


All garments in the Duality Collection were made out of two different fabrics, for example a turtleneck with fleece inside to keep you warm, and water resistant fabric on the outside so you're ready for whatever life might bring you. I decided to bring the clothes to life, by giving them personality and feelings, and showing that these clothes would be there for you no matter how you're feeling or what's on your schedule. At the same time, we also launched two new additions to our shirt collection, and I was asked to art direct a shoot of all the ADAY shirts, which we called the Something Borrowed Family.


All photos were shot by Josh Dickinson, styled by Morgan Cruz and art directed by me.